Understanding climate change and the importance of designing sustainable infrastructure.

Designing secure, safe, and sustainable infrastructure.

Supporting environmental initiatives that reduce our impact to the environment

Mobilizing crews and equipment to areas impacted by recent storms and hurricanes.

Evaluating energy demands and upgrading electrical systems in government buildings, resorts, schools, and offices

Lighting the way for creating responsible solutions that ensure compliance and reliability

Meeting the energy demands of today's world

With a goal to provide safe, efficient, and reliable power solutions, GBEPC provides procurement, installation, design and consulting services to meet the demands of the ever- changing environmental challenges.


Committed to providing power solutions on every level from design, construction, installation, commissioning, project management, safety, equipment sourcing, and alternative energy.

Providing Powerful Solutions



With over 30 years of electrical design and experience, we strive to ensure that our clients are getting our full attention to detail. We have successfully been the Engineer of Record for many large and small scale projects, making compliancy and safety a top priority in our review. 



We have global contacts and purchasing power. This enables us to provide our clients with most modern and resilient electrical resources at competitive pricing.


Construction & Installation

As a design and build firm, we can take designs and make them a reality. Our experienced team can manage and oversee projects to make sure they are on time and on budget.


Alternative Energy

By 2030 Bahamas Power and Light is looking to increase the use of renewable energy resources by 30% and our team has already been part of this exciting movement.